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Nanotechnology Engineering

2013/4/9      view:

Imagine working on a structure 100,000 times smaller in diameter than a human hair! This is the rapidly expanding world of nanotechnology engineering, a field where a human hair is incomprehensibly large and an ant is a behemoth at 500,000 nm; a field where a nano is a billionth of a meter–a meter being approximately 39 inches long–and it takes more than 25 million nanos to comprise an inch.

The burgeoning field of nanotechnology engineering encompasses all fields of science: biology, physics, chemistry, health and medicine, among others. Subdivisions of nanotechnology engineering include instrument development, materials engineering and bio-systems. Nanotechnologies involve constructing equipment and tools that work at the molecular level; this requires researching both the technologies with which to do this and improvements that can be made to existing methods.

The applications from the field of nanotechnology engineering encompass daily life at every level, from food development to transportation technology to medicine; all benefit from the ability to change or enhance at the molecular level. Nanotechnology is currently being used to deliver anti-cancer drugs to specific areas of cancer as well as to inhibit the growth of metastatic breast cancer; additionally, carbon nanotubes are being used to kill cancer cells in minutes with virtually no side effects.

Scientists envision a day when cancer will be treated at the genetic level by using nanotechnology to develop a treatment regimen based on an individual’s genetic code. Nanotechnology will also enable physicians to isolate substances in the body that have been identified as precursors to cancer, so that eventually the disease will become eradicated.

The career field of nanotechnology engineering is filled with possibilities limited only by the imagination of mankind. For those individuals who are passionate about making a difference, this fascinating new career field offers unlimited potential, both for humanitarian endeavors and for professional achievements.