JDFKS-006 Antibacterial non-woven fabrics Finishing Agent

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Product Introduction

This finishing agent is specialized for non-woven fabrics, perforated film and other hygienic products. It can kill the bacterium rapidly reaching over 99% antibacterial rate in short time, non-toxic and not-irritating to human body.

SGS Shanghai and Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology had the test using the experimenting method on antibacterial performance of dissoluble antibacterial products under GB15979-2002 appendix C4, to test the bacterium restraining effect on escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, etc, finally showing over 99% antibacterial rate in 2 minutes.


Colorless or pale yellow, transparent ropy liquid.


1.     Process into various external bactericide including antibacterial gel, lotion, powder and tablets.

2.     Add into all kinds of textile and paper products, especially those have special request on discoloration.

3.     Suitable for all kinds of hygienic products, such as sanitary towel and wet tissue,etc.

How to Use

Add by 1%


1.     Do not eat it.

2.     Avoid the contact of such high concentration solution with the eyes and other sensitive parts, and do not wash bladder by this.

3.     Valid for 24 months


1Kg/Bottle  20Kgs/Bucket



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