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1. The characteristics of business:

  Research and development of nano functional materials ; enterprises establish strategic&cooperative partnership with other enterprises, promote the "B - 2 - B model"; set up "AAA laboratory" with other company to realize the high-tech industrialization.

2. The specific feature of Jinda nano production is customized:
  When participating in the production of downstream enterprises, Jinda concentrate on their own production technology, support the most efficient and lowest cost  production plan in trial-production stage of enterprise.

3. Keep improving: 

  Depending on several years' development experience, set up accurate parameters in every step of the process to ensure the stable quality of product.


4. Serious detection:

 Jinda nano products testing center cooperate with Institute of Physical&Chemical of xiamen university to execute strict internal inspection of products, and relying on the SGS, Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and many other professional testing institutions to process the efficient third-party testing.

5. Composite research: 

Combining with the effect of different nano products,  promote comprehensive performance and the added value of products.

6. Sales model:

(1) We choose the suitable shops, operation and management.

Advantage: better to realize the image of brand, easy to realize vertical management and sophisticated marketing, contain strong marketing execution ability, easy to  grasp the accurate information of market.

(2) Network sales model: We have the online store and shops, using the brand and the Internet for online sales.

Advantage: reduce the sales links, save the cost of actual sales, convenient information acquisition and  quickly logistics management.